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stray voltage

Find out where stray voltages come from and how Agrivolt

can help you eliminate them.

The electrical networks and equipment found at the breeding farm are constantly evolving. Electricity consumption has increased greatly with farms growing in size. Farm automation has also brought variable speed drives, sophisticated ventilation systems and electronic lighting that generate leakage currents. These are in addition to stray voltages that might already be circulating in the farm environment.

Where do the
stray voltage come from?

how do they affect 

The presence of electricity in the animal's environment, regardless of its source, generates stress and discomfort. Over a period of time, this stress can affect the animal's immune system. This makes the herd more susceptible to various diseases and consequently reduces animal welfare and productivity.

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The Agrivolt system is an approved system to prevent 60 Hz current feedback from sources external to the livestock building. The system also offers the ability to identify internal sources (e.g. leaking engine) in order to apply the necessary corrective measures.

how it works?

The system dynamically blocks current returns from the primary network.
(electrical supplier)

An example

Like the operating principle of a non-return valve in the plumbing network of a house.

take action

The repercussions on the well-being and productivity of your animals can be caused by a multitude of elements. It is recommended to check all possible causes before carrying out a stray voltage diagnosis.

Infrastructure, equipment

Electrical network



Medical care


diagnostic protocol

The first step

A diagnosis will allow you to determine if your farm is affected by stray voltages from external sources.



We'll take care of you: 

Elimination of stray voltages

If the diagnosis detects stray voltages, we will ensure that you and your pets are safe from unwanted effects.​

Turnkey program (optional)

Everything is included and guaranteed for the duration of your agreement:

  • Annual maintenance of equipment and application of recommendations to ensure continuous protection against stray voltages.

  • Guaranteed equipment, parts and labor.

  • Free software updates.


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