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for the well-being
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Electricity networks and livestock equipment are constantly evolving. The presence of electricity in your animals' environment, regardless of its source, generates stress and discomfort. 


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the agrivolt system

Elimination of stress and discomfort from electrical sources in the animal environment

Rapid notification for adequate intervention

Continuous monitoring

Support, expertise and service

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the agrivolt system

Control of stray voltage and guaranteed optimal performance of your herd

We are the electrical safety experts. Our team supports you to analyze your network and ensure that if a problem is detected, it is resolved as efficiently as possible.

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Stray voltage is a stress factor that can affect animal comfort

Dairy cows

  • More complex reproduction

  • More nervous cows

  • Wagging tails

  • Dancing cows

  • More frequent mastitis

  • Refusal to enter the milking parlor

  • Reduction in water consumption

  • High somatic cell count

  • Extended milking time

  • Trincomplete act


  • Fewer piglets per litter

  • Subnormal weight gain

  • No more stillborn piglets

  • Excessive nervousness

  • Compromised cleanliness

  • Lower feed conversion rate

  • Cases of dehydration


  • Reduction of dry matter

  • Egg production affected

  • More mortality

  • No more eggs on the ground

  • Excessive nervousness

  • Reduction in water consumption

  • Compromised cleanliness

Here are some examples of symptoms resulting from exposure to environmental stress.

Concrete Wall

Do you think you have stray voltage on your farm?

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