A large number of testimonies by very credible producers highlight the unparalleled expertise of Agrivolt. Whether it be in the dairy or hog sector, the results obtained following our intervention are endorsed by the producers themselves and by the various technicians and specialists called upon to intervene on the farm. 

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  • Norm-E-Lane Dairy, Chili, Wisconsin

  • Perrybrook, Whiting, Vermont

  • Rancho Teresita Farms, Tulare, CA

  • Keener Dairy, Danville, Pennsylvania

  • Vanbeek Dairy, Monroe, Oregon

  • High Plains Dairy LLC, Plains, Kansas

  • James Huber Dairy, Moyerstown, PA

  • Hastings Dairy, Burton, Ohio

  • Obert Farms, Dakota, Illinois

  • Weaver Homestead, New Holland, PA

  • North Fork Dairy, New London, WI

  • Milky Way #1 & #2, Visalia, California

  • Nolt Farm, Myerstown, Pennsylvania

  • Papa’s Dairy, North Bangor, New York

  • Osceola Jersey, Enumclaw, Washington

  • Buck Run Farm, Port Trevorton, PA

  • Spring Grove Dairy, Brodhead, WI

  • Mission Lane Dairy, Saint Paul, Oregon

  • Bidart Dairy, Bakersfield, California

  • Zeiset Dairy, Ephrata, Pennsylvania

  • Goodrich Farms, Salisbury, Vermont

  • Hal Drick Farm, Allenwood, PA

  • Lariat Dairy, Muleshoe, Texas

  • Braid Farm, Duran, Michigan

  • Mike Haag Dairy, Mohrsville, PA

  • Ulrich Farms, Dresser, Wisconsin

  • Rollin Valley Farms, Riverdale, California

  • Pool Dairy, Robesonia, Pennsylvania

  • Newberg Dairy, Blookest, Minnesota

  • S & S Dairy, Visalia, California

  • Riverview Colony, Chester, Montana

  • Stoner Dairy Farm, Lancaster, PA

  • Breunig Dairy Farm, Lodi, Wisconsin

  • Echeverria Dairy, Bakersfield, California

  • Hoover Dairy, Bethel, Pennsylvania

  • Vanloon Dairy, Jefferson, Oregon

  • Rock-I Farms, Orangeville, Illinois

  • Bair Farm, Quarryville, Pennsylvania

  • New House Dairy, Bakersfield, California

  • Newberg Dairy, Blookest, Minnesota

  • Newswenger Farm, Myerstown, PA

  • Boxler Dairy, Varysburg, New York

  • Wenger Farm, Marlette, Michigan

  • Trilogy Dairy, Bakersfield, California

  • Sebranek Dairy, Lone Rock, Wisconsin

  • Dahring Farm, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

  • Berthiaume Dairy, Salisbury, Vermont

  • Spring Creek Farms, Wernersville, PA

  • Neva Gayle Farms, Madera, California

  • Pasanen Farms, Exeland, Wisconsin

  • Glenn High Dairy, Robesonia, PA

  • Van Deurzen Dairy, Alger, Ohio

  • Pinheiro Dairy, Strathmore, California

  • Keiter Dairy Farms, Newville, PA

  • Walnut Grove Farms, Kirkland, Illinois

  • Holsteins Unlimited, Leigh, Nebraska

  • Hammer Creek Holstein, Lebanon, PA

  • Wooden Bridge Farm, Kutztown, PA

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