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Stray Voltage Mitigation System

The Agrivolt system is a modular system designed to neutralize return current at 60Hz from internal and external sources to the livestock facility. It cancels the stray current by injecting a current inverted by 180° opposed to the current flowing on the ground. Best analogy to its working principles would be "noise cancelling" headphone.

The Agrivolt system can be installed on any electrical network in North America and any type of livestock facility.



Agrivolt offers solutions to monitor your electrical network by detecting electrical faults that may cause stray voltage. The monitoring solution is there to provide a constant surveillance and promptly notify you and guide you towards the right corrective measures. Early detection of an electrical fault will also result in avoiding unwanted stress and discomfort in your herd.


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Agrivolt Interference Filters

Electronic interference problems at the farm ?

Electronic animal identification and weighing equipment malfunction ?

Agrivolt has designed wide range of Filters for electronic noise to be used in livestock facilities. Agrivolt Filters prevent any excessive current flow at medium frequencies on the grounding and bonding network. These currents are produced by various noise generators such as Variable Speed Drives, electronic ventilation, electronic lighting ballasts, and electrical fences, among others. These equipments are often used in livestock facilities. From an electrical point of view, the problem is that a portion of the leakage current is in the animal environment by flowing on the grounding and bonding network. 


By design, the medium frequency generators must be controlled at the source. The Agrivolt Filters, as well as EMI Filters, protect the motor and eliminate electromagnetic incompatibility issues between equipment. However, the Agrivolt Filter prevents that an excessive amount of current at medium frequency flows on the grounding and bonding network and affect the herd performance. 

Some leading and renowned equipment manufacturers integrate our filters directly in their solutions and products.

Agrivolt filters are available for applications ranging from 10 to 136 amps. For more details, call us.


The Shocker Neutralizer

The Shocker Neutralizer is developed to minimize the leakage current generated by a fence controller used with a cow trainer, an electrified gate or from a shocker on a feeder. It reduces the detrimental impact on the herd’s performance.


The concept of the Shocker Neutralizer is related to the necessity of maintaining a power quality with livestock farm facilities.


The operation of the Shocker Neutralizer Filter is simple. As it detects a ground contact it transmits electrical impulses for a period of 10 seconds. This eliminates the presence of a continuously electrified wire within the production environment.


By limiting the cow’s exposure to those impulses to 10 seconds, we increase animal comfort while significantly minimizing stress to the animals.

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