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Rigorous and professional measurement and analysis protocol

executed exclusively by Agrivolt's technical team.

Agrivolt has developed measurement methods that are well adapted to the specific environment of farms in order to evaluate the presence and quantity of electric current affecting herd performance.

– Three phase and single phase network.

– Small to very large infrastructures.

   Electric infrastructure analysis and diagnostic 

Electric infrastructure diagnosis 


Evaluate stray voltage presence on your farm

From $ 395

Complete electric

infrastructure analysis 


Evaluate, measure and coordinate an action plan to  control and prevent stray voltage in your production environment. 

Electric infrastructure maintenance

From $ 395 per year

Yearly maintenance  


We make sure your equipments fulfill their tasks and prevent stray voltage properly for a safer and more productive environment. 

Peace of mind program  


- Yearly maintenance visit, inspection and stray voltage prevention.

- All provided equipments are parts and labor guaranteed for the agreement duration.

- Hardware and Software updates included. 

From $ 995 per year

Seminars & Training

We offer FREE webinars on a regular basis. Register by email here. 

We also offer FREE seminars to small groups that want to better understand what Stray Voltage is, how it's generated and how it can effect your herd's comfort, wellbeing and productivity.  

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