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We believe...

At Agrivolt, we strongly believe that a healthy electrical network is a key component to a healthy and productive herd.

Rising concerns

We believe in the need to control electric current in the animal environment. This need will continue to grow taken the acceleration of automation on farms. It is important to understand that the environment of a farm is particularly hard on an electrical network. The presence of ammonia gas and extreme humidity contributes to rapid decay of electrical infrastructure and increase sources of stray voltage. Hence the need for adapted solutions. Agrivolt is focused on providing such solutions to these growing concerns. 

Excellence and Professionalism

Agrivolt is the recognized expert and respected reference in the detection, management and mitigation of stray voltage. It has been proudly serving the agriculture market for more than 20 years.

This expertise is backed by more than 2000 projects on livestock farms in Canada, the United States and abroad. This expertise has enabled us to develop products that are well adapted to the needs of producers. Through proprietary and patented technologies and agriculture specific expertise it has been providing proven productivity benefits to its North American and international customers. 

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